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    February 27, 2014
    2:00 - 3:01am PST  

first" on this thursday. i am patti ann browne in for heather childers. >> thursday, tail end of the week. >> thank you for waking up with us. we are beginning with a fox news alert breaking overnight. a deadly plane crash in hawaii. the small plane catching fire before plunging to the ground less than a mile at the airport. three are dead others are critical. the plane went down just after takeoff. >> and in california a graum dr esca escape. it waudz was captured on cell phone video. >> we can't breathe back here, go. >> passengers reported smoke in the cabin. a delta airlines spokesperson says all got off the plane safely. no word yet on the source of the smoke. >> the governor vetoed so it
denied service to gays and lesbians for religions. it was supposed to be a safeguard tore religion but it is too divisive. >> i believe the bill has the potential th potential to cause more problems than solve problems. >> the bill drew vocal criticism from civic leaders business interests and state economic groups. two members of former new england patriot eric hernandez's entourage is due in court today. hernandez fiancee was indicted on charges of perjury. she has treated not guilty. carlos or tease wegon ortiz wi appear today. he pleaded not guilty to
accessory charges. hernandez is awaiting trial after also pleading not guilty. >> the road rage assault case will be back in court today. the detective is scheduled for a control hearing in new york. he's pleaded not guilty to gang assault charges in connection with a man being pulled from his suv and beaten in front of his family. there will be no bags allowed at the boston marathon this year. officers are stepping up security after last year's deadly bombing. i a attackers used backpacks this year. runners will be allowed to check gear but everything will have to be in clear plastic bags. >> outrage after mary reed calls obamacare horror stories nothing but lies. that's not all he said. elizabeth prann is live in washington with that and the fallout. >> good morning. senate majority leader harry
reid may have back peddled early other on in the day but he said this on the senate floor. >> despite all of that good news there are plane tee of horror stories being told, but they are being told to all of america. >> tell that to the millions of americans the quote horror stories are untrue. mitch mcconnell says it under scores people's losses. the senate majority leader calling them liars will em bould -- em bold enmore to come forward. i don't think they will be intimidated harry reid. on the podium reed also attacked the koch brothers. people sharing stories about the affordable care act all of them depict loss or a major change in
coverage. >> i can't say to everyone the koch brother's ads are a lie, but i will say this. this was a vast majority. >> they were disappointed but not surprised reed was talking to them again. the koch brothers may not be contributing as much as they think. they are falling further behind the union and other big donors. ainsley, back to you. elizabeth prann, live in washington. thanks. >> federal agents losing their guns by leaving them on top of their cars or in bathrooms. a shocking new report shows atf agents had their guns lost or stolen at least 45 times between 2009 and 2013. this isn't the only time they have had problems with the guns.
they lost track of thousands of guns including ryan perry. new massive cuts to the military budget. president obama is calling for $300 billion for america's roads, bridges and mass transit systems. the president spoke about the plan in minnesota. 75 million is being cut by the budget. the transportation system is facing a crisis. nearly half would come from tax reform. >> the irs rules will not be ready for the november election. yesterday the irs commission told the house appropriations committee chance of filing regulations bile election time were quote slim. after that testimony the house voted to oppose the one year halt on rule making.
will we ever get answers on the irs tea party scandal. she won't testify unless she is given immunity. her lawyers spoke with the congressional committee and said she is not answering any questions until a judge orders her to do so. they will testify at a hearing last week. the last time she doesn't thdid that she pleaded the 5th. mark everettson is spokitalkingt lois lerner seeking immunity. >> the way to do this is to grant the immunity but there's a way to solve this and get a problem with it. >> if they grant her immunity she does seem to be at the center of this. really going to be suspicious of her being the top dog in this. you never give immunity to the one that is the most responsible. you give immunity to the fringe
people. >> right, except i would suggest, and this has been what really concerns the republicans the most and all americans is did this rooech from lois into other parts of the service or other parts of the treasury or the white house. i think that is necessary in order to get this fully aired. >> house majority with kevin mccarthy says by asking for immunity proves she has something to hide. >> if it was all trumped up why would she be asking for i am unity and where why thould they before free speech. the only thepeople i know who a for immunity before they testify is people who have something to
hide. >> some areas seeing temperatures 20 below zero and that's not accounting windchills. >> good morning. we have arctic air moving south yes, s yet again. many people living east of the rockies are going to be experiencing temperatures below average yet again this time of the year places like international falls 25 degrees below zero. it is 18 below zero in far go and duluth 17 below zero. you factor in the wind this is what it feels like. in international falls minnesota it feels like 43 degrees below zero. we are talking dangerously cold windchills out here. we have advisories in effect. teens in atlanta, georgia. cold air making it down into portions of the gulf coast. it is 29 degrees in new orleans.
the cold air means lake-effect snow. several inches of accumulation expected. patti ann and ainsley out west we have the first storm system and a series of them will be impacting the west. heavy rain expected. good news because of the drought. but flash flooding will be a concern. several feet of snow and very strong winds. >> thank you, maria. the storms are already causing problems in california. winds strong enough to snap the huge trees. the demand for sandbags are so high they have already handed out more than 18,000 of them. that's to help homeowners shore up their homes. they can't always stop mud slides. this one happened back in 2005. it left 10 people dead. residents now are afraid that new flooding could trigger the same thing again.
>> just can't stay away from late night talk shows. jay leno making his first appearance since stepping down from the "tonight show. check him out on arsenio hall show. >> incredible broadcaster now. >> for some reason they thought i should be the best person to look at this. arsenio hall was officially picked up and will continue for a second season. >> will you do stand-up? >> actually i am hosting the show. >> they have been friends for 35 years. >> it has gained the fed's attention with extensive investigation. we have the story and your other top business news this morning. >> hi everybody. with the government car safety watchdog investigating whether general motors acted fags enough
to recall 1.6 million older model small car in a case linked to 13 deaths because of faulty ignitions. they fined gm as much as $30 million. it has been reported gm knew about the problem a decade ago. they must note guy t-- notify te government within 5 days of a defect and gm says they are cooperating with the probe. >> the new american has dropped bereavement fairs. not many offer discounts to passengers travelling because of a family member's death. united gives 5 percent off. delta says it is flexible. jetblue and airtran doesn't offer bereavement fairs. >> you have the diet coke cherry slurps. in may the name changes to diet
coke cherry frost. you can buy it in other convenience stores as well. >> it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. a man picking up his great grandson from school takes the wrong child home. what's worse? wh wait until you hear what the school told him to do. >> one state wants to send couples to school before they go. >> you are ably represented. i am sure freddie is too modest. s make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera. >>ah, actually i think my eyes might ha... next! digital insurance id cards. just a tap away on the geico app.
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>> shocking video of a school bus driver in indianapolis hitting a 14-year-old student with a broom. the driver was disciplining another student when she stepped in. that's when she got into an argument with the driver charlotte mcdaniel. the driver grabbed the broom and hit her. she is on leave pending the
investigation. >> the parents of a 5-year-old connecticut boy are demanding answers after their son's school allowed him to leave with the wrong person at the end of the day. the confused man thought he had his great grandchild in the car. they told him to bring the child back instead of calling police or the buys parents. >> my husband and i feel that at this point the police needed to be notified. it has placed a spotlight on our school's lack of security. >> the superintendent says the school is cooperating with a police investigation. for so long older women having children were told their age could cause genetic disorders with the children. the father's age might be a big factor. researchers followed more than 2 and a half million men for five years and found a child born to a 22-year-old dad compared to a
42-year-old dad was three times more likely to have autism, 13 times more likely to have adhd, 25 more times to be bipolar and twiets as likely to have schizophrenia. a doctor with ohio state university found the benefits of breast-feeding have been exaggerated. according to her stoudy breast milk is as good as bottled milk. breast fed children have a greater risk for getting asthma. it has no connection to obesity and performance. the health department says breast milk is still best for baby. >> there are cooking classes language classes and driving classes but classes? it could be a reality for divorcing couples for kids in alabama if this bill becomes a law. the house of representatives considering legislation that would require couples with
children under the age of 16 to take a marriage class before getting divorced. it is a four-hour class focuses on increasing cooperation between the family and how divorce can effect our children. >> parents will be required to pay for the class which could be taken on-line or in a setting supervised by a row fegsnal. should 2ki6 vorcing couples be forced to take classes. send a comment on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. a robber finds himself tag teamed when he uses a gun to hold up a convenience store. the daring move that stopped that would be criminal. >> a quick thinking thief smachs a camera and runs. who is behind this grab and go. it was all caught on camera. we will tell you.
>> a woman taking in dramatic views of the pacific ocean becomes part of the drama herself when she falls about 30 feet from the top of a cliff. amazingly she survived. rescue workers in san francisco had to repel down that cliff using ropes and a ladder to reach her. eventually she was hauled up to safety. she did hurt her ankle but she is expected to be okay. a fearless worker at a convenience store in california body slams an armed robber. the cashier grabbed the gunman's arm andist twed it. that's when another employee grabs a man and throws him to the ground. he held him down until police arrived. >> i was real nervous.
i didn't even think twice about it. >> 50-year-old michael core begin was arrest the for attempted robbery and being a felon in position of a firearm. his boss wants to give him more. >> daniel kowalski was accused of cooking methwhen he was at home. they found beakers chemicals and cooking instructions and kowalski in his shirt from the ficti fiction fictional loss pollos. two months after marijuana was made legal in colorado animal hospitals were seeing fights from dogs who had gotten into their stash. the diagnosis is not good. >> this is yoda. he's drowsy a little bit
oriented and looks a little goofy. >> he is actually not high. something the doctor is seeing more and more of. >> since january 1st clinic says dogs are getting into the owner's supply of pot. specifically edible. >> the concern here is that edible have a concentration of marijuana meant for controlled human consumption. dogs weigh far less than human and have no control. >> it gives a higher concentration of the active ingreeted yent. >> doctors fits cheryled contributed to a study in colling col that tracks it in dogs. it ranges from seizures to temporary comas. >> urinary incontinence. >> they don't last hours, they last days. >> for a dog 72-hours.
may be 96 hours before they get out of it. >> doctors fitzgerald says if you are worried you have a limited amount of time. >> don't wait. don't wait. >> teenaged girls aren't the only ones who like taking selfies apparently. this monkey ran off with a tourist's camera. he got a little creative snapping selfy after selfy after selfy. the technique and pose just the way humans do it. >> taking bad habits. >> shocking information about osama bin laden and how creative he got before 9-11. >> a bieber video out that has nothing to do with his music. why it could get him in more
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>> we have heard them all too often hor roar stories. >> my wife and was not on the
policy. i was the only one covered. >> families like this are lying about obamacare. fresh fall out from the comments. >> a major make-over coming from a breakfast table near you. the government about to give what you and your family are eating a whole new look. >> amazing view of christ the redeemer. how this man got up close and personal to the iconic statue. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> new york city at 5:30 in the morning. dark out there.
it is thursday february 27th. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne in for hepter childers. the governor of arizona vetoes a hot button measure that would allow local bitses to deny service to gays and leddians for supporters. it is too divisive january brewer said. >> i believe the bill 1062 has the potential to create more problems than solve. religious liberties is the core american in arizona. so is discrimination. >> the bill drew local criticism from bits leaders and state economic groups. >> a dramatic escape from a flight in california. it was all captured on cell phone video. >> we cannot breathe back here.
go. >> the plane had just landed when passengers reported smoke in the cabin. no word yet from all of the smoke. >> we have brand new video from italy. the captain boarded the boat since he left the boat as captain. they are trying to determine if any factors beyond human error caused the 32 deaths in the 2012 disaster. >> one of the men accused of murdering a man may not spend time behind bars. he was sentenced to life in prison. but his accomplice was only sentenced to 45 years which means he could be out when he is
67 years old. he was found guilty of brutally stabbing him in broad daylight on a london street. they said they will be warriors for islam. >> a stunning new report in washington times reports fbi put a poll in al qaeda. he met with osama bin laden 8 years after 9-11. he planned terror attacks. the man was the driver of the blind chsheikh who mastermind t bombing at the world trade center. harry reid calls obamacare stories lies. doug luzader has more on that and the fallout. >> sn gnat majority leader harry reid is going after conservatives or funding efforts to oppose it.
in it are the koch brothers. reid says all of the horror stories are untrue. he later had to backtrack a bit. >> i can't say that everyone in the koch brothers ad are a lie. as we look out against this terrible dishonesty of these two brothers who are about as unamerican as any one i can image. >> some conservatives point out the left attacks the koch brothers for spending millions on political ads another puts spending at 15 nights on political donors. republicans quickly responded to
reed. >> families have been adversely impacted by obamacare because of canceled coverages and higher premiums and higher deductibles. >> many may be from the mid term elections. many think obamacare are outraged over obamacare could fuel pig wins in november. >> it is time for look who is talking. this morning republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell bashing harry reid for those outrageous comments. >> these people all across america who are losing policies, premiums going up co payments and deductibles are going up. jobs are being lost. they are not making this up. no amount of mary reed calling everybody a liar changes the fact of the astonishing behavior doesn't lend credit to the senate particularly for the majority leader of the senate
who is supposed to be the mosts majority to use this kind of language. i don't think it helps the democrats and to further under score it they are desperate. every single one of them provided the vote to pass obamacare has been a disaster to the country and they are going to pay the price for it this november. >> will he ever give answers on the irs tea party scandal. lois lerner says she won't testify unless she is given immunity. she said she is not answering any questions unless the federal judge orders her to do so. a house committee ordered her last week. the last time she did that she pleaded the 5th amendment. a near death of an astronaut during a space walk last year could have been avoided. >> a lot of water. >> luca'sally met started to
fill with water as his eyes and mouth were blocked. turns out nasa knew about the week one week before the space walk but was never addressed. an investigation is ongoing. the fukushima disaster could reach the west coast in weeks. the low radiation won't cause damage. they won't know for sure until they can start testing the samples. >> another deep freeze blanketing parts of the country. >> 20 below zero that's without the wind. >> you are absolutely right. in international falls the temperature is 25 degrees below zero. in minneapolis it is 9 degrees below zero. this is the actual temperature not the windchill. this is what it feels like when
you head out the door. cold in many other places as well. this morning like in memphis where we are at 24 degrees 27 at atlanta. you are below freezing across portions of the southeast and further west into sections of texas. in minneapolis feels like 10 below zero in chicago. it will be getting colder in parts of the northeast. coming up in the moaning hours we will see windchills dip down below freezing. we have the cold air going over parts of the relatively warmer waters. that actually produces lake-effect snow but we are expecting several inches of accumulation through out the day today. not muf to produce significant accumulation but that will be something to watch on the roadways. out west a number of storm systems arrived across portions of california. the first one producing areas of heavy rain and snow.
we could see several feet of snow across the higher elevations out here. very strong winds and flash flooding. we will keep an eye on it. >> maria molina, thanks. >> it is more crowded than we thought. nasa confirming finding 715 planets outside of our solar system. that in is the largest batch found. it increased the number of planets discovered from our gal lax see since 1700. it is a step of their goal finding earth 2.0. >> should captains do all of their work at home. unmanned cargo ships that would be remotely controlled captains from land. most shipping accidents have caused buyer or. they hope the new technology could be safer. they could carry more cargo because they would need room for
humans. this is one video you have to see to believe. two guys in wing suits flying past the christ the redeemer statue in brazil. the two daredevils were brought into place by gliders before they made their jump. after flying by the statue they celebrated with a beer. >> gosh that's so scary. 20 minutes until the top of the hour. your car and your hair spray causing the crazy weather like that. the founder of greenpeace making a shocking admission about global warming. >> he did it big when it comes to popping the prom question. did she say yes?
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♪ >> 34,000 pages of documents from bill clinton's presidency are set to be released. why are they still being released. they have okayed the release of 25,000 patients but 8,000 will still be lost. >> greenpeace co founder patrick moore said there's no scientific
proof that humans are the main cause of global rm with aing. he parted ways with greenpeace after the group became more interested in politics than the environment. >> wind turbines could be damaged from hurricanes. they are showing the use of offshore wind turbines. in the case of a hurricane like katrina you need a farm more than twice the size for an impact. nutrition labels will never be the same. we have a new look. >> if you are enjoying a bowl of cereal you are having more than a serving size listed on the box
good companies started labelling documents fat was the focus. now they are more concerned about how many calories we consume. they will show them in larger boulder font. who really eats oent half a cup of cereal? you will be warned there are added sugars and even have nutritional advice with instructions to avoid too much or get enough of this. while the design of the new labels have not cbeen confirmed they are several years away they are around 2 billion doll laterals. >> live from the business channel for us. time 46 after the hour. there's a brand new bieber video out. but it has nothing to do with his music. why it could get him into more
trouble. >> turns out that golden treasure one california couple found in their backyard might not be so lucky after all. why it could have ties to a major crime. first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i am debating while i am reading to tell you what else is in the show. you hear about this? doctors linking babies from dna from three parents to cure diseases? what do you do come birthdays or divorce situation how do you celebrate holidays. new de tills of lois lerner who took the 5th. now she might get immunity? had we helped a veteran get a better job. katie perry angry muslims angry about the video. should they be the ones throwing stones? we better hurry up and pass illegal immigration because sooner or later we are going to
run out of maids and gardeners. it is true. zoom out throw animation and think about what i just said.
>> heroin is becoming deadlier than cocaine. >> it has created a pathway and access on the very inexpensive basis on two of those who are vulnerable to the drug and ultimately it has led to a dramatic spike in a very brief period of time. >> the brief period of time.
>> the antidote can help save people who have overdosed if administered in time through a shot or nasal spray. at least 17 states and the district of columbia allow the drug to be distributed to the public. >> new video showing the moments after justin bieber's drunk driving arrest in january. the video shows him stumbling as he was trying to walk a straight line. then he was doing push-ups in his jail cell. bieber's lawyers tried to block release of the footage but a judge allowed all but a few sensitive ones to be made public. >> lisa kudrow will have to pay her manager. he claims she owes him residuals from her days on "friends" the jury ruled 10-2 in favor of howard. kudrow says she will appeal. >> celebrity moms pleaded against intruding photographers taking
pictures of their children. >> paparazzi swarm causing a mob scene, yelling, jockeying for position crowding around the kids. >> we're moms here who are just trying to protect our children. >> people magazine taking a stand. the new editorial director announcing, quote, people would not publish photos of celebrities kids taken against their parents wishes in print or on-line. some think this is a first step towards restricting the paparazzi and protecting children. >> an indiana's high school student's proposal turned heads. chase brown rented a billboard to ask his girlfriend would she go to the prom with him. >> i knew from the beginning she wanted something big. this is about the biggest thing i could think of. >> i guess it was big enough. his girlfriend said yes and the two will go to the prom. >> treasure hunters are
weighing in on the origin of one of california couple's $10 million find. we told you about them yesterday. the husband and wife struck gold in their own backyard. they dug up eight containers that turned out to be filled with thousands of rare gold coins. believe thoe coins were the ones stolen by an employee at the san francisco mint in 1901. his haul was never found. >> it is now 54 minutes after the top of the hour. till divorce do us part? one state wants to send splitting couples to school before they head to court. is this a good idea? we asked you and you're weighing in. those answers are coming up next. >> watch out billy joel, there is a new piano boy in town. his surprise performance stopped people in their tracks. we'll show you. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels.
all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
three minutes till top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. arizona's govern vetoes a bill that would have let businesses deny services to gays and lesbians for religious reasons. the national highway traffic safety administration launching a probe into the general motors recall. the group wants to know if g.m. waited to long to recall 1.6 million older model cars in a case linked to 13 deaths. nutrition fact labels are getting a new look. calorie counts will be in bold and added sugars will be labeled. serving sizes will be closer to what people are actually eating. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. billy joel better watch his back. this little boy wowing customers aot a costco with amazing piano skills.
>> the person who posted the video on youtube says they didn't know who the boy was. next the bad. just because it's frozen doesn't mean you should walk on it. a student in illinois given a citation for walking on lake michigan. he was about 300 yards offshore when police found him. so dangerous. finally the ugly. alcoholics in canada get a lesson in brewing. a group teaching them to make beer and wine in an effort to stop them from containing alcohol that are not safe like hand sanitizer. >> it is time for your brew on this responses. >> alabama may soon require classes for parents going through a divorce with young children. it focuses on how the divorce can effect those children. >> can divorcing couples be forced to take classes? >> no mandates. if the class sofrd and -- is offered and they decide to take it, fine. >> jeff says it is the
parents should learn how to behave after divorce. >> maybe they should take classes to know what they are in for first. >> thanks to everyone responded. >> have a wonderful thursday. tail end of the week. hang in there, you can make it, folks. >> "fox & friends" starts now. good morning. today is thursday, february 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. what does harry reid think about the millions of americans with health care horror stories? >> lies distorted by republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements. >> but the evidence already has reid eating his own words. >> breaking overnight, passengers run for their lives when their plane fills with smoke. you don't want that. >> we cannot breathe back here. go. >> what went wrong on that jumbo jet? we'll find out. >> katy perry causing